Happy New Year, everyone!

How time flies, noh? Cliché as it may sound, ang bilis naman talaga ng panahon. Now we're on another year --- another goals, plans, and the never ending lists.

Anyway, how was your New Year? Or how was your 2016? Well, it was not a full blast for me with unfinished plans and tasks but still, God blessed me and my family with so much which I am very thankful for. Meg went back to ballet (yes even though she's at her awkward stage right now) and plans to continue with it. I lost a lot of weight (teehee) but still not within my goal so I still need to push myself with lots of exercise and a disciplined diet (naks!) I also went crazy over preparing Meg's baon at school so if you want to check it out, please visit my IG account --- @eneri0411

School has been crazy for both Meg and I so adjusting to it tested my stress level also. I am just so lucky that she is focused on her studies and gives her best in everything. It gives me the chills sometimes that I am looking at her and seeing she's now grown-up. She is turning 10 this month!

Anyhow, let us claim that 2017 will be a huge year for all of us. Here's hoping to more exercise, travels, learnings, adventure, experiences, and blog posts. Cheers, guys! 

On Letting Go and Holding On

By definition: Letting go means to stop holding on to something, and to stop thinking about or being angry about the past. Holding on is to hold something or someone firmly with your hands or arms, or dealing with a difficult situation. 

Both situations are hard, even when you know you have to.


I've been contemplating if I should let go or hold on to this blog. I mean, it's been a year and a half since I posted something here. It's never really a big deal because I don't know if anyone ever reads my posts hehe... Looking back, my main purpose in blogging is to have a space to record all the memories in my life. I tend to forget things so going through my old posts makes me happy.

Anyway, here I am spending a little bit of my time to write this. So let me just go with the flow...

Meg's First #Dubsmash Attempt

Most likely, every one of you heard about this application already. According to its description, Dubsmash is a mobile app to create short selfie videos dubbed with famous sounds.

Anyway, here's Meg's first Dubsmash attempt with Taylor Swift's song "Blank Space". 



What do you think?

Our School Year Ended...

Well, hello there! I can't believe this is my first post this year. Boooo! Honestly I thought of giving up this blog because I can't manage it well but I think this day led me to doing another post and keeping another memory of Meg's milestone at school.

Yes she just finished her second grade! Along with what I wrote about her first week in Grade 2 and her being one of the class officers, this school year had been full of development and level-ups for my little lady. 

But don't think it's all smooth and perfect; there are still times that my patience and parenting skills were tested. I can still remember our first PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference) where the teachers told me Meg had been quite a talker in class. She voiced out everything she thinks of even at the middle of their lessons and her teachers if not always, would usually call her attention. There's this one day that she went home and told me her teacher scolded her because she's talking to her seatmate. I did talk to her about it but I also want her to learn from it.

Eventually, the talking lessened. I told her to raise her hand to ask questions, listen to her teachers, follow instructions, and behave well in class. I know that there are times she can't help it (she's a kid, you know) but I'm glad she improved herself. 

Anyhow, her performance and grades improved during their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. I admit I push her often but I don't require straight line of 9's on her report card but that she do her best in everything she does. Surprisingly, she did make it as one of the Outstanding students for the 3rd trimester! We got her report card last March 31 and I didn't even notice her name on the board. When I saw it, of course, I felt very proud. Her friend called her and told her, "OS ka!" and she was like "Ha? Really? OMG!" lol... 

Her teacher said she's "smart but talkative". I know this school year had been one great year of improvement for my little lady. She became more matured, more focused, but still very outspoken. From being one of the class officers, Math quiz bee participant, always volunteering with their oral tests and singing practices, to saying what she wants to say even at the middle of their lessons; it's been crazy catching up with all her changes. But hey, I'm one proud Mom of this outstanding student!
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