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 Q. Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?

A: It really depends on what book I am reading. I can read two different books at the same time as long as they're from two different genres. Like I can read a novel by Ken Follett then stopped for a while, and then read an inspirational novel. Just taking a little break, but the problem is when I forgot what happened to the story and flip a few pages back for me to remember it. :D

One Rainy Day

     It is a rainy day today so I thought of something to do with Meg. PAPER BOATS! 

     We used papers from her old notes and I helped her with the folding, she did the coloring. 

Blue mommy para waves =)

dyaaaraan! =)

      Perfect! Just a little drizzle. I went outside to place the paper boat, the water is just shallow but it's enough to keep the boat moving for a while.

      I let her play with the boat in a basin. She really had fun!

     A simple activity but can be enjoyed together with our kids. This for me; her smile, laughs, and giggles; is once again a BLISSFUL moment and a breather for me. 

Affordable Ballet Classes

     My daughter attended ballet class when she was 3 and now we're thinking again of enrolling her. 

  Not that I can't afford to send her again to a famous ballet school, but I was thinking I could save a great deal of money if I look for less pricey ballet classes since she too is in school now unlike before that she's not yet studying. So, I did a little researching and here are some alternatives:

1. House of Dance
    BF Homes QC
    MWF 9:00-10:00 AM
    ₱3,000/15 sessions

2. Teacher She/Minda of Pinky Toes
    Along Kalayaan
    TTh/2500/8 sessions (class starts on April 17)

3. Likhaan PerformingArts HomeStudio
    Tandang Sora, Quezon City
    Check their Facebook page for class schedule 
     ₱3,000/14 sessions

4. Movement Dance Studio
    ₱3,500 for the whole summer

        I narrowed down my choices and I'm still thinking if Likhaan or Movement. Likhaan Performing Arts Home Studio's teachers are mostly from UP. Their recital is at UP Aldaba Hall. When I called them to ask how much the uniform is, the teacher told me that I can buy at SM because it's cheaper. They also sell uniform and the base will be used for their recital, too. This is already a good deal but Movement Dance Studio is nearer our house. Also, they held their recitals at Rockwell Center in Makati, Music Museum in Greenhills, and in Crossroads in Quezon City. I still have until next week to decide on it.



MamaLuvsBooks: Weekly Book Blog Hop!

MamaLuvsBooks: Weekly Book Blog Hop!: I saw this on my FB wall page and I had no doubt I need to join! Check it @ mamaluvsbooks on how to join. Cheers! =)

MEG 101: The School year that was...

     Meg finished another school year. I can still remember her first day in school.
         I too am a hands-on Mom during her school activities. =)

Nutrition Month

Buwan ng Wika

with her classmates and teacher during their school fair

     This school year, she practiced her handwriting. We practiced at home also, and at last! She did well.
      She also learned the basic prayers. We will focus more on her reading this summer. Looking forward to next school year. More learnings, more fun. =)

! * Lola In The Lounge * !: Mac Lipstick Giveaway

! * Lola In The Lounge * !: Mac Lipstick Giveaway:Great giveaway until March 30! :)

Liebster Blog Award


     I didn't know what's this all about not until my co-SP mom and blogger Michi gave me this award. Thanks sis! 

     Liebster Blog Award is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. If you have given this award, you must state seven to ten things about yourself, tag 7 people, and tell them you tagged them. Got these rules from Michi also.

     So here goes:

     My name's IRENE.
     I am a Filipino.
     A well-rounded person which reflects my current job as a Private Tutor for English schools, Math and Science Instructor in a Review Center, Content Editor and Evaluator for Grade school and Highschool textbooks, and an Entrepreneur.
     I'm a mom to a 5 yr old pretty girl.
     I love to EAT. :D
     I usually crave for milk tea, coffee, pizza, and ice cream.
     I'm a late bloomer when it comes to fashion, make up, etc. 
     I love reading books in all genre.
     Certified KAPAMILYA.

     And now I'm sharing this award to:

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Personally: Nichido Liquid Foundation and Final Powder

     I seldom buy make-up since my Aunt usually gives us Clinique, L'Oréal, and Lancôme products from US. But when I ran out of powder, I went to the Department Store to look for cheaper alternatives. I did find something from Etude House but it's too expensive for me. :D Looking around, I saw Nichido True Colors Liquid Foundation (True Natural) with sunscreen. I bought one and a Final Powder. 

     I want a liquid foundation now since the powder I'm using tends to cake up and leave my face a mess at the middle of the day. 
     Price: ₱268.00/30 mL

          I tried it the following day and it's not sticky, I used my finger and just a small quantity of it is enough already for my face because of its light texture. It's smooth and it matches my skin tone. Also, it already has sunscreen so I need not buy a separate product. After application, I used the Nichido Final Powder in Creamy Glow to set it. 

Price: ₱150.00/25g

      It's a loose powder, a little bit fine but easy to apply. Plus, the lady gave me the shade that suits my skin tone. It smoothens the face after application leaving it matte finish.

     These combination (liquid foundation and final powder) blended well on my face. I'm happy it didn't cake up; my face did not become oily or irritated. One downside of the powder is I had a hard time opening it (Not a major problem though). It's a good buy not just because it's inexpensive, but also for its quality. Try it for a flawless look! :)


Teaching taught ME...

     Out of my 7 students, I feel closest to Lexie, Grade-1 from St. Scholastica's College. Actually, I have two students from their school but I like her because she's funny, just a little hard-headed and brat, but always jokes around with me.

     During my last days with her, she asked to take a picture of us together. She thought I'll never come back as her teacher on June.

     I never thought I'd end up enjoying my work now. Whenever I saw good grades from my students, there's an overwhelming feeling that I did something right for them. Dealing with these kids from different English schools makes it harder for me because they have different moods, combination of brats, but kids who also have good hearts. I told myself I'll never get emotionally attached to any of them, but I can't help it. Especially now that I'm a mother. Somehow I wanted to help them not only in their studies but also emotionally. Some needed attention, appreciation, encouragement, and guidance from their parents.

     Having an impact on other people's lives makes the job meaningful for me. When I had the chance to talk to their parents and say everything about their kids, and I see the changes from them, it's amazing. It's like my insights mattered to them.

     A combination of a strict, cool, and hands-on teacher, I will still choose this job not just because of the perks I get but I owe to my students the self-esteem, happiness, and the feeling of worthiness that I'm feeling now. I'm not just teaching them, they too, taught me to look at life in a good context: for me to be a better person and a better MOM.

Magnum Ice Cream: Classic, Almond, and Truffle

     I have been very curious about this Magnum thing that's been flooding my Facebook and Twitter wall for quite a time now so I decided to taste all flavors. (Haha! :D)

     The Magnum Classic is a bar of vanilla ice cream covered with Belgian chocolate. Yes, the chocolate is luscious but too sweet! Nothing special about the vanilla; it's creamy and smooth just like the usual vanilla ice cream.

     The Magnum Almond is Vanilla ice cream covered with Belgian chocolate and crunchy almonds. I savored the nuts since it's my favorite but still the same, too sweet for me.

     The Magnum Truffle is a Chocolate ice cream with truffle covered also with Belgian chocolate. Unlike the two flavors, it's not too sweet and has the bitter taste to balance everything.

     Yes, these three are all delicious. Who doesn't love ice cream, and Belgian chocolate? Put it together, then everyone will absolutely enjoy it! But I guess the whole marketing thing did a great job in promoting this. A little exaggerated I think. Will I buy this again? Maybe. But will I crave for it? NO.

Michi Photostory: Blog Giveaway

     If you want to win a set of Flower of Spa and a set of hand wash and hand lotion, visit michi photostory's blog. Entries will be received until March 31, 2012 via Rafflecopter. Join now!

How do children say sorry

     As a mother, my recent dilemma now is asking my daughter to say sorry. Should I force her? Whenever she did something wrong, I would make her understand that she needs to say sorry for it. But she always says "AYOKO!" and this disappoints me a lot. I told her what she did was wrong. I don't know if she did understand but at least, I let her feel that I'm sad about it. After a while, she would say, "Sorry, di ko na po uulitin." But then repeats the same thing over again. So, I assume that at her age, she doesn't understand completely. I read articles about it and for now the first thing I should do is to be an example to her. That when I did something that would upset her, I'll say sorry and from then, explained why is it necessary to say sorry, that I hurt her and that made her very sad and the only thing to make her happy again is for me to say sorry to her. I guess this will make her be aware of the feelings associated in saying sorry. Also, I found a prayer in the book I'm reading, The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian and I pray a part of it everyday and added my own prayer in the last part. 

               I pray that You would give (name of child) a heart that is quick to confess her (his) mistakes. May she (he) be truly repentant of them so that she (he) can be forgiven and cleansed. Help me to make her (him) understand the value of saying sorry. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

CRAVE: Serenitea

     I didn't know there's a branch of Serenitea at Bel-Air Village, only when my student brought home a Yakult tea with aloe vera sinker. I went there after work and ordered Hokkaido milk tea. (It is listed top 1 in their choices) Not realizing that it's a caramel based milk tea, I still had my sugar level at 100%. Yes, turned out to be so sweet but I love the flavor. Not minding the super sweet taste, I delighted myself again to my new found addiction: milk tea. But I will clearly put the sugar level on 50% next time. :D

     Compared to the other milk tea stores that I frequent, I commend Serenitea for its cleanliness and the way they handle orders. Certainly, I will try other flavors, also in their other branches.

CRAVE: A Veneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante

     AVeneto Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante (SM San Lazaro Branch) has been one of our favorite restaurants since last year.

     For starters, we always order the aVeneto Family Platter (P300) which consists of Chicken wings (highly recommended! There's a separate order for this also for P170), Crabsticks, Cheddar munchers (P160 for separate order) that my daughter loves, and French fries.

     Pasta choices are Nut-Pesto Pasta, Oil and Garlic, Puttanesca, White Sauce, Baked Ziti, and Marinara Pasta. Baked Ziti with Meatballs is a must try because of its creaminess and the mozzarella cheese makes it yummier. 

     They also have several choices for salads, hamburger, cold and hot sandwiches, calzones, desserts, and side orders. Aside from their pizza choices, it can also be customized by choosing two-four flavors for different pizza sizes. The largest pizza size is 16" good for 5-6 people. 

     This is a combination of Four Cheese and Double Pepperoni 16" pizza. I will surely be back again to dine but I hope they will improve more on their service. Just that, because for me, the food complements my taste. Check here for other branches.

MEG 101: Suave Kids 2-in-1 shampoo

     Ever since my daughter used Eskulin shampoo (Princess Jasmine, Cinderella, and Mulan variants), I knew that she will be using it for a long time. But when I browsed the SP forum for shampoo alternatives, I came across Suave and I decided to let my daughter try it. The first variant we tried was Cowabunga Coconut, her hair was smooth and even until afternoon, it smells good! My daughter has wavy hair, sometimes it tangled but with Suave, it doesn't tangle at all. 

     After finishing a bottle of it, I bought Eskulin again since I really wanted to alternate two shampoos for her.

     It has a new packaging now and the consistency of the shampoo is not the same with the one we used before. It felt like it doesn't bubble easily at all, and even if I rinse her hair very well, the sticky feeling is still there. The scent is still the same, even until afternoon, I just hate the sticky feeling and her hair tangled. :(

I then bought Suave again, this time a different variant Fairy Berry Strawberry. Still the same, Meg's hair felt very smooth. The scent is good. Its consistency fair. 

     Suave costs 209.75 at SM Supermarket. Variants are Wild Watermelon, Orange Mango Outburst, Fairy Berry Strawberry, Cowabunga Coconut. A bottle lasts for two months so it's super worth the price. Now, I won't look for other alternatives but I will definitely try Suave's other variants. :)

MEG 101: Super Bass

     Yeeeeee what's with this Super bass craze? I googled it and watched the video on YouTube. (Note: I won't let my daughter watch the video. :D)  Nicki Minaj's Super Bass. 

     The lyrics:

                         Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away
                         Beating like a drum and it's coming your way
                         Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom
                         Boom, badoom, boom bass?

                         He got that super bass
                         Boom, badoom, boom
                         Boom, badoom, boom bass
                         Yeah that's that super bass

              Now I understand why its title is Super bass. The thumping of the heart. The dance is slow and sexy. Vice Ganda's version is exaggerated, haha! (I only found a video with Iza Calzado doing the Super bass.) Vice Ganda and Izza's Super Bass

     My daughter LOVES it! When I got home from work, she showed me the dance and it awed me! Yay! my daughter knows it. I didn't realize she did familiarize the dance since we love watching SHOWTIME. Haha! :D

MV Logos Hope: Life is a Journey

       Yesterday, me and my sister went to see MV Logos Hope at Pier 15, South Harbor. The line queue was long but organized. It took us 30 minutes to get to the entrance but the crew made it a point to entertain the people with their mascots. (There was a clown too but I wasn't able to take a picture of him.) The entrance fee is 20 pesos and free entrance for kids below 12 yrs old. 

     We were greeted by friendly crew members inside, they were very accommodating. Upon entering, a brief introduction about the ship and the pricing for the books were explained too. The books are priced in units, meaning 25 units = 25 pesos. We were also reminded not to rearranged the books since they will have a hard time looking for it. Actually, the funny crew member, referred to it as, "Don't halo-halo the book." (He's Malaysian, funny, bubbly, and favorited by the crowd.) Everyone did pay attention to what he said! :)

     The next part is the Book Fair, with over 5,000 titles to choose from. From fiction, inspirational, reference books, children's books, textbooks, etc. In here you can find really good buys of hardbound textbooks for students, 3 for 500 pesos.
      There's also a Kids Area and a Cafe for snacks.


  A wall on AIDS awareness.

      I got these 8 books for 200 pesos. I chose these phonics books for my daughter whose practicing reading now. I only got two books for myself, a novel and an inspirational book. I also bought an eco-bag for 50 pesos and I also got a button pin.

     If you're planning to bring your kids along, bring your car. It's not advisable to commute since the ship is far from the gate entrance, public vehicles are not allowed inside. But there's a parking lot for private vehicles near the ship. I also advise going on weekdays, expect more people on weekends. I would highly recommend this to all the students. There's a lot of textbooks and reference materials to choose from. The ship will be at Pier 15 until March 13 and its next destination will be in Subic Bay. 

*Sorry about the pictures, I didn't bring my camera with me. I just used my phone for this. :D
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