Corregidor Adventure: Day 2

     This is the last part of our Corregidor Trip. See also: Corregidor Adventure: Day 1 Tour and Corregidor Adventure: Night Activities

     The activities for the last day of the tour are: Sunrise Viewing, Short Hike in the Japanese tunnel, Zip Line, and scrounge around the island. 

     We didn't have much luck for the sunrise viewing because it's so cloudy.
     The hike to the Japanese tunnel is just a short hike but if you're not game for this adventure and scared of frogs and tuko, you better be ready. :D Before entering the tunnel, you need to walk for at least 10 minutes. There is a fixed rope to hold on to.
tukkk-ooo :D
that's the tunnel we entered
     It has a small opening but as you enter the tunnel, the walk is a no problem. It became just a little complicated as you exit the tunnel considering you have to climb up. It's a bit steep but you just have to hold on to the ropes tightly.
this is a 90deg stair which I think makes it a little harder
but hey! we're out!
          The hike was FUN and then Zip Line next. My sisters and brother tried the Zip Line but NO to me! I have this HUGE fear of heights. Sorry KJ. :D
     I opted to walk around the place and took pictures. 
great area for Team Building
the beach
     The beach is not great for swimming but you can go to the other side of the port to see a beautiful view. 
     We went back to the Inn to have breakfast and lunch. Boarding time is 2PM so we had enough time to rest and to have more photo ops!

Goodbye Corregidor! We had FUN!

CRAVE: Moshi Manju Korean cake

     I discovered this few months ago when I got curious of the long pile of line at the lower ground floor of SM San Lazaro. Meg liked it the instant she tasted it. (siyempre ako din!) My sister bought a box again as pasalubong for Meg a while ago.

This is a box with 24 pcs(Mocha and Dulce de Leche) assorted flavor. Even of its little size, with its pancake like taste, it's very delicious.

The Broadband Stick is longer than the cake :)

It has a delicious filling that your kids will surely love. The filling is sweet but the pancake like taste compensates it. I think Meg ate 8 pcs of it just now.


PHP 16/ 4 pcs

PHP 30/ 8 pcs

PHP 55/ 16 pcs

PHP 85/ 24 pcs

Wordless Wednesday: Takipsilim

Sunset at Corregidor Islands

Corregidor Adventure: Night Activities

     This is a continuation post of our Corregidor Adventure: Day 1 Tour.

     The night outdoor activities in Corregidor Islands include the tour in a Hospital ruin, Sunset Viewing, and Night Lateral Tour in Malinta Tunnel. We went first in a Hospital ruin that was built in 1912 and is shaped like a cross. Unlike the ruins during the day tour, the ruin is still safe so people can still enter and climb on the 2nd floor. Since we still have time before the sunset, we went to the other side of the Battery Grubbs.
     We arrived just in time before the sunset, and even if it's a little cloudy, we captured good photos and as well as good memories. I feel closest to nature during sunset. I realized there's so much we should thank God for this beautiful world.
     Thanks to Kuya Gener (our tour guide) for this super lovely jump shot.
     My sisters had their moment during sunset.
     Oh, I love LIFE. 
     After the sunset viewing, the last stop is in Malinta Tunnel for the Night Lateral Tunnel Visit. It is a walking tour of the tunnel's unexplored side. We were given flashlights and helmet, it was scary at first but the group was so game for adventure!
     We carefully entered every lateral in the tunnel with our tour guide. They let us experience a minute of total darkness. There's this part in the tunnel that is fully cemented with even road. They asked us to turn off our flashlights and walk through the exit in the dark. A bit scary but fun! We held hands together and it was like 5 minutes of total darkness as we exited. As we reached the end of the adventure, and as we turn on the lights, we realized it was just a short distance and we had a hard time. How about our soldiers before?

     I enjoyed every bit of the tour. Everyone had FUN! Definitely, I'm recommending this.

     After all the adventure, we had dinner at the La Playa Restaurant in Corregidor Inn. We still have early wake up call the next day for the activities. Yes! More activities for the day 2 tour. Before we dozed off, we assembled the tripod and camera's timer with this sequence shot.
     To end this post, I too, have a moment during sunset. 

       Yes, It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Corregidor Adventure: Day 1 Tour

     We went to Corregidor last Thursday (May 17, 2012) via Sun Cruises. It was an overnight (2 days and 1 night) trip with my sisters and brother. I had to make a collage of some of the pictures. 

     We arrived too early (6:30 AM) for check-in but it was ok since we didn't have to wait in line for so long. 
      The cruise time is 75min. We arrived in the island around 9:15 AM. We were then transferred to the tranvia for the start of the tour. 
     These are some of the tour pictures:

     Buffet lunch was at 11AM and the food is OK. 
     After an hour...
      Even if you're not that of a historical person, you will appreciate and enjoy the tour. 

      The tour ended and we proceeded to Corregidor Inn to rest for a while. We still have night outdoor activities. I will make a separate post for it. 

     Overall, I love the tour. The day tour for Corregidor costs 2200 per person inclusive of the buffet lunch. I suggest you eat heavy breakfast since upon arrival on the island, the tour starts. WATER is a must because it's so HOT, and bring light snacks also. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear. And most of all, bring your camera for your photo shoot. :D (click on the pictures above to enlarge)

     Yes, It's More Fun in the Philippines!

Thank You Nay | Mother's Day Greeting through Smart Parenting

      I'm so happy I saw my Mother’s Day greeting last May 9 through smartparenting.
     I don't often tell my Nanay how thankful I am for everything. We do argue on a lot of things but having her in my life is a BLISS!
     Full message:  
      Nay, I don't know how to THANK YOU enough for all the things you've done not only for me but for our family. It was hard for you when Tatay died and it became harder with all the events that happened after that. I always admire your strength and how you handle things on your own. Thank you for staying with me until this very moment that I have my own daughter. For giving your 100% support, encouragement, and for allowing me to experience motherhood with your help. I'm sorry for those points in my life that caused you pain. I know you're prouder now with all our achievements. I will always remember what you said, that MOTHERHOOD is a lifetime COMMITMENT, I will do the same with my daughter. I love you so much Nanay. We all do. Happy Mother's Day!

     I think you could still submit your greetings. Just check here.  

P.S. Gift certificates from Mariko Tokyo Skin & Body Centre worth P3000 up for grabs!

Source: google images

Santacruzan 2012

    Meg was chosen to be one of the angels for Reyna del Cielo at San Lazaro Church Santacruzan 2012. Kuya told me the night before so I rushed at Divilandia the next morning to buy angel's wings and halo. I didn't feel the need to buy the gala dress worth 300 pesos since she'll not be able to use it again (kuripot mode). Anyway, here are some of the pictures: 
with Reyna Del Cielo
promise buong lakad nila, dinaldal niya yung reyna hehe
pawisan na sila =)
again, with her killer smile
angelic? :)
with her alalay: don't mind the plastic hehe
     It was again an accomplishment not only for Mommy but for Meg, too. After the procession, Certificates of Participation were given to them. I was a bit worried since I was not seated beside her and I didn't know if she understood the giving of the certificates. A nervous mom again, as the priest called her name, I immediately stand up and then I saw her walking towards the altar. Yay! I think I underestimated her. I was again proud and happy.
on her own =)
Santacruzan is not just a showcase of beauties, but as you walk during the procession, prayer intentions were recited. And then again, the value of sacrifice, simplicity, and the virtues that the Blessed Virgin Mary imparted to us should be respected and valued.

mommy moments
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