On Adjustments and Everything

     Yay! It's almost two months since my last post. I've been very busy adjusting to Meg's school, my work, and this crazy morning schedule. I'm not a morning person so I tried real hard to adjust my system and body to cook breakfast and prepare her baon everyday, and I'm happy that I'm performing all my Mommy duties very well. 

     School for Meg has not been easy for the past months. Coming from a school that is so lax in terms of teaching, Meg got used to the so-so works on her activity sheets. Now with a more advanced school, she was I think overloaded with too much. The BIG adjustment was with the discipline in doing stuffs independently and doing it in a right way. Meg wasn't also very serious at school. Nevertheless, with her academic standing and learning development, she performs very well. 

     I got the 1st Trimester results yesterday and I am very happy that Meg got an average of 91.2 %. I'm more confident now that she had adjusted to everything in a school that always has quizzes and spelling test every week. :D I know she can do more in her Place Value lessons in Math, Pagbabaybay in Filipino, and all the advanced lessons in Science, Language, and Reading.

     Meg will be Grade 1 next school year. She can read by herself now both in English and Filipino. I sometimes hate the school with all the hard lessons but I understand now that a good foundation of a child's education is during her preschool years. Not only did they help Meg academically but taught her to be disciplined, patient, independent, and to do her best in everything.

     And YES! Not only my 5 year old princess has adjusted, but also Mommy. =)
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