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Here are the flats made in Korea. Available in colors Blue, Black, and Cream.

     And here are the wedges proudly PINOY made!

     Here's more! (Sorry for flooding you with so many pictures)
Melissa Wedges

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Wordless Wednesday : Fresh Start

Do you believe in second chances?

Halloween : Toilet Roll Bat Craft

I hate crafting. I'd choose solving Science and Math problems than hold a brush, scissors, and glue. Haha! But I have no choice but to learn even a simple craft for Meg. They have a Halloween party at school and each student was tasked to do a craft for decoration. Procedures were given but heck even with it, I don't know if the output will be nice. :D 

 Anyway, we did it yesterday and the little girl is more excited and eager than me. I gave her own materials, too. 
 The craft is from the Activity Village where you can find many activities (it's free!) for your kids.

You will need:

Toilet roll tube
Grey card
Black paint
String or yarn to hang
Wiggle eyes
Double sided tape
Sweets (candy) - optional

I bought the paint at National Book Store for 53PHP. I chose the styropor paint since I'll need it again for another Halloween craft. (Yay there's more crafting haha!) It goes well on cardboards, too. Nanay bought the wiggle eyes for 25PHP for a pack which I think has 100pcs. 

Here is the procedure: 

1. Paint the tube black and leave to dry.
2. Make a hole in the centre of the tube and thread some string or yarn through it for hanging (we poked the hole with a knitting needle).

3. Stick on the wiggle eyes with glue.
 4. Cut two wings from grey card, and tape a wing to either end of the tube.
I used cardboard for the wings and just diluted the black paint to make it a little greyish. 

5. At one end of the tube, push the sides into the tube so that they fold over each other and close the tube. If you like, pop some sweets into the tube before closing the other end in the same way.

The one with the pink string is for Meg. She will submit the other one tomorrow. I know it's not that good but that's the best thing already for me haha! Actually, it's wrong. You don't have to glue the entire side. It should look something like this. 
photo source
I didn't know this until I found the source of this activity. Well for starters, is it really that bad? Haha!

Care to share some Halloween crafts? I realized it's a FUN bonding with our kids. 

A Colorful Wedding

     Events last month and this month filled our calendar. My Tito got married with a rainbow motif last September 30 and each family randomly picked one rainbow color. We had a hard time looking for an Indigo (yes that's our color!) ready-to-wear dress so we opted to go to a seamstress to make it uniform (we varied the styles).

     The groom's pictorial was set at Tatang's house and since Inang passed away, Tita had to proxy her in all the pictorials. This made us a bit teary-eyed seeing Tatang and Tito Dennis posing in front of the camera. 
     The kids joined in the pictorial too.
     Meg was again flower girl for this wedding. Ever since she get used to walking down the aisle, I didn't become too nervous. The only problem I had during the wedding is that she walked too fast! I didn't capture a good shot of her during the walk. 
grabe ang laki na ng anak ko!
     Sharing some of the wedding pictures. (overload)

Tito Dennis and Tita Florence

Meg and Aiya

my mini-ME!

my sister and nephew Kieran

takip-mata :D

kuya and bunso

the three kulits


wacky Indigo family!

nanay ko!

nanay with her apos

a colorful sight!
      I love our family picture. Indigo it is! Except for Meg though. :D

     Lastly, because it's MY blog. I had to master the angle haha!
hair by ME; make-up by ME using Etude House BB Cream, EB foundation, Nichido Mascara, Clinique blush-on, Maybelline lipstick; footwear: Mendrez   
      I LOVE weddings. This is definitely one wedding that's special for all of us and I am happy that finally Tito got married. As kuya said in his toast, Tito Dennis is not just a Tito for us but also our second dad. I know somewhere in heaven, his brother (Tatay) and Inang are both delighted seeing everyone happy in this event. Spread the love everyone! =)                                            

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