I changed my BLOG name!

Yes, I decided to change my Blog name. It’s a year already when I started this blog and I must say that the experience was fun. I am focused now in writing more posts unlike before that I have no idea what I was doing haha! These are the crazy things I did:

1.    I didn’t think much of the blog name. I attended an event before and I think no one understands the name even if I said it already. Now that I changed the name, nagkagulo naman mga posts ko. Back to zero with the Google search and the sites which linked up the posts to my blog.
2.    I seldom update my blog. I had a hard time adjusting with Meg’s schedule and mine that I wasn’t able to blog (two months straight I think).  
3.    I don’t know about the blogosphere. I was not aware of the blog world. Yung tipong makasulat lang go na. I didn’t know that there are a lot out there who blogs (and are famous and recognized). I didn’t know about PR, Events, Sponsorship, etc.
4.    There’s no connection. I wasn’t able to connect more to people. Now that I’m starting to connect – ang SAYA pala. To learn more about other people – in general, mommyhood and kids.

Today may be the first year in my blogging adventure, but for me, this is only the beginning. I have so much to learn and more people to meet and episodes to fill. 

And NOW indeed, I am The Working Hands-On Mom (The Wh-o Mom). 
Mommy Irene and Meg
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It's almost Summer! | Activities for Kids

Summer is almost here. Here are some activities for your kids:

1.     Ballet
2.     Art Workshop (Painting, Drawing, and Crafting)
3.     Acting Workshop/Theatre
4.     Dance Workshop (Hip-hop, Jazz, and Ballroom)
5.     Zumba
6.     Music lessons (voice)
7.     Music lessons (playing instruments – flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, and violin)
8.     Taekwondo
9.     Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball)
10.   Swimming lessons
11.   Enrichment programs like Math and English (Reading)
12.   Playschool for toddlers

I was thinking of enrolling Meg to Repertory Philippines this summer or an Art class. She did ballet for two summers but she wants theatre plays daw. Let’s see. Mahaba pa naman time to think. :D

Sharing some of Meg's pictures during her ballet class. 

 This was at Effie Nañas Ballet at JNA Dance & Fitness Center.

Level 4 Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong City
Call: 633-7871

Visit their website here. 

Also, check this out: The Mommy Mundo EXPO KID happening this Saturday at the 500 Shaw Events Pavilion! (right across Goldilock's on Shaw Blvd) 

: What other activities do your kids enjoy? I'll update my list

Pretend Play | You're all invited to Meg's Tea Party

     Meg loves Pretend Play. I don’t know where she gets all the ideas but she thinks of it instantaneously. Last week, she asked me to buy her a tea set. I nodded but the idea didn’t sink in entirely until she repeated it again a few days ago when we were studying for her Mastery Test. I asked her:

Me (Irene): Anak aanhin mo naman ang tea set?
Meg: For our Tea Party!
Me: Improvise muna tayo. Let’s use our imagination.

     She got all her dolls and started to gather some materials for the tea party like notebook for the plate, her Barbie comb for the spoon, and the little cups we have at home for the tea cups. After 5 minutes, she stopped playing.

Meg: Ayoko na! Di naman totoo. Wala akong imagination.

     Haha I laughed but at the same time I was thinking if I’d buy her a tea set or let it pass. I said to her I’ll buy it after all her tests.

     I don’t invest much on Meg’s toys. If it isn’t necessary and I don’t feel the URGENT need to buy, I won’t buy. Plus, she has collected more toys as gifts to her. Then I saw these at the Toy section of SM Department store.
      It’s from Disney and PINK all over! =) The BEST part? It’s really cheap and on SALE. I got the two sets for only 110.00. You can actually choose different kinds of tea set from SM ranging from 100.00-500.00. 

     When I got home, Meg couldn’t contain her joy and immediately INVITED Keira, Tori, Angela, and Jessica for a Tea Party. Haha! 
      So again I’m the best MOM in the world for Meg (and it doesn’t need an EXPENSIVE toy to be one).
For picture purposes lang ang Twinings ha. Akin yan. :)
      : Where do you buy your toys? I’m looking for a cash register toy. The saleslady showed me two kinds with that concept but it’s battery-operated. I want a simpler one like this. 

     Now you know what the little girl is up to. :D

Crafts with your Kids: Handprints with Love

       I received a gift from Meg last Valentine's day that literally "melted-my-heart". I am a very sentimental person and when it comes to Meg (mas OA ako hehe).
      They made handprints at school and what affected me emotionally is the poem printed on it. I just want to share this with you and you can do this at home with your kids. 

With Love

I am so very small and

My fingerprints so large,

That you sometimes get

Discouraged when I

Leave them on the walls.

All those messy prints,

When I am grown someday,

Will only be a memory that

Has been washed away.

So here’s a set of prints,

To help you to recall,

Just how those hands looked

When they were very small.

I know you get discouraged

Because I am so small

And always leave my fingerprints

On furniture and walls.

But everyday I’m growing,

I’ll be all grown up someday,

And all the smudgies that I did

Will surely fade away.

So here’s another bunch of them

Just so you can recall

Exactly how my fingers looked

When I was very small.

left hand

right hand

      Relate much no? I know we had our own murals at home (courtesy of our kids) and we sometimes get mad because of it. But I realized life is so short, our kids will grow up fast. I can’t believe nga na Meg is already 6 years old! I’m happy that in those six years, I have been very hands-on with her. So, treasure and enjoy the time with your kids as they grow. Spend more time with them. Don’t miss one moment with them, even though you’re working. I believe that Quality time is better. Like me, working mom ako. But I balance everything.

     And you can do this craft at home – print the poem at the center and let your child handprint them with paint. Decorate it also and frame it. Lastly, be prepared to be MESSY (all over).
© The Who Mom
Maira Gall