Meg as Kiddie Crew | McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop

Meg had a great time in her 5 days Kiddie Crew Workshop at McDonald's. Let me share some of the highlights of the week while I once again proved to be a Super-STAGE MOM.

Day 1: Counter Training
Meg served a sundae and a McFloat. I was observing the whole time she's at the store and I can really say that she improved so much on her confidence. She raises her hand whenever the facilitator asks who wants to serve a certain order. Too far from the once 4-yr old shy girl who cries a lot.

Day 2: Apron Painting
Di man lang gumamit ng ibang color si Meg hehe
 Day 3: Burger Making
They used the aprons they painted for the Burger Making. They also had their Drive-thru and Lobby training. The facilitator let the kids sing the McDonald's Kiddie Crew Workshop theme song.

Day 4: Practice of the Kiddie Crew Song and Dance. They also went to the Drive-thru and kitchen to assist. Meg was talking about French fries and Chicken McDo and the big freezers McDonald's use to store food.

Day 5: Kiddie Crew Graduation
Certificates were given and they performed the Kiddie Crew theme song and the "Do the Ronald" dance. Excuse my once again Stage-Mom peg, Meg led the singing of the kiddie crew song and I am so happy!

I asked Meg if she enjoyed the workshop, and she said YES! She gained new friends, build her self confidence, and learned the value of money and how hard it is to work for a living (I explained it to her). We'll be joining again next year for sure!

Make this summer enjoyable for your kids wherein they can learn new things and develop their abilities and talents. Meg's currently enrolled in a summer program now. And next week - ART class! You can find more Art classes here.

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  1. This is an excellent initiative by Mcdo as kids would have fun being a kiddie crew and at the same time learn to be responsible.

  2. Meg has really grown a lot from the experience. My daughter also developed her self-confidence and people skills from being a Kiddie Crew member.

    1. Agree sis. I've seen how Meg changed talaga socially.

  3. Seems like your girl enjoyed this workshop

  4. This is definitely something that I would want B to do next year when he's 8. I can see him doing this and doing well. :)

  5. This is a good training for our children. It will instill the value of work,and teamwork.

  6. Looks like Meg is having a worthwhile summer with different activities each week. Good job mommy!

  7. ang cute!! pag nagkaanak ako, i want them to be part of mc do crew and be on diff activities so they'd be more responsible :D


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