Batang Superbook: Bida ng Pagbabago Road Show

Ikaw ba ay Batang Superbook

I have few memories of the series. Basta alam ko yung mag transform yung mga bidang kids sa time ni Jesus with a topic/lesson (so parang adventure) then they learn more about the Bible with a fun twist since cartoonize/animated yung show.

When I got an invite for the Batang Superbook Roadshow, I was thrilled and excited for Meg since this will be the first time I'll introduce it to her. Medyo maaga kasi yung show sa GMA 7, Sat and Sun - 7:30 AM. I don't wake her up early during weekends since no school naman. Good thing there's a Batang Superbook website where kids can register and join.
Meg just registered! =) I encourage parents to let your child join. Remember I posted How to Strengthen your Kids' Faith; this is definitely one creative way to make them understand more and grow their relationship with Jesus. There are informative videos and games in the site. There's also a Bible online where kids can learn more about the different Bible characters, interactive stories, and what's more exciting is the fun interaction with the different Batang Superbook members.
Pa-explore ko to kay Meg over the weekend. =) Back to the Roadshow, I didn't realize ang daming Batang Superbook! Meg enjoyed the activities and the Magic show, plus the episode "Miracle of Jesus". Pati ako nag-enjoy manood. Ang daming tanong ni Meg after the show about the episode they watched, and I am happy she got the whole idea about it. I saw the kids, they really did enjoy watching it. E diba aminin natin, pag Bible na babasahin ng bata, ayaw na. Sobrang OK talaga tong Superbook. 
Hosted by Bettina Carlos
From the Batang Superbook FB page
 Look o, ang daming kids! Hanapin nyo si Meg. hehe...
From the Batang Superbook FB page
And did you know?

Superbook Hits Ratings Charts Again! It only means more and more people are watching the show - children and even parents. 

Moreover, Superbook lovers and supporters can now watch Superbook episodes on DVD! By simply giving P500/month to Superbook, viewers will get one copy of the exclusive Superbook episode of their choice each time they give. This is to support Superbook’s airing cost. Plus, you give the children of this generation an opportunity to learn God’s word in a new and exciting way! For more information on how to get the complete season one DVD set, visit Batang Superbook website.

Meg got the chance to meet Gizmo, too!

For more information, games and exciting promos, you can visit the Batang Superbook website.
Also, like their FB page: BatangSuperbook 
Follow Batang Superbook on Twitter: @BatangSuperbook


  1. I'm so happy that you both enjoyed the event. :) I hope more mommy bloggers / families can get to support Superbook.

    1. I hope so, too. =) I just watched the episode this weekend with Meg. What I love about it is it gets kids so curious, tanong nang tanong si Meg about it. Aside from it's like our bonding moment, learning session na rin.

  2. I grew up too watching it =) and I would like to share it too to my son Weegee~

    1. Hi sis! Oo nga, nasa age na rin kids natin na medyo maiintindihan na nila Bible stories.

  3. Love ko din ito before ako din member ng SuperBook Kids/Fying House every Sat & Sun nanonod kami ng anak ko..ganda ng mga story dami sya natutuhan.. :)

    1. That's nice to hear! The stories are really worth watching.


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