Meg is now a TENager!

Last January 26, 2017, my little girl turned 10 years old. Yes, she's now 10! She hit the 2-digit mark already. Days before her big day, she was quite anxious and told me she's scared. She keeps on thinking about the changes that will happen to her so I assured her that I will be with her every step of the way.

We had lunch at Yakimix because that's her wish -- to have an eat-all-you-can buffet on her birthday.

It was also a double celebration as she still is an Outstanding student for the 2nd Trimester. Anyway, we enjoyed the food and natuwa si Nanay sa pag-iihaw kiyeme sa griller. hehe...

Well that is my kangkong because obviously, I didn't count my calorie intake for that day so I had to pretend that I am still eating healthy food. If you are not the type of grill-first-before-eating type of person, I don't think you'll enjoy dining here. Although they have a lot of food choices naman. I also like that the place is clean and also the restroom is (my number one concern always).

the different grilling food - meat, seafood, etc...


salad station

dessert station (the cake is super good!)
Maki platter
Nothing grand with the Maki choices but it's still good naman. Same with their dessert choices, I only like the cake and the ice cream.
After our lunch, Kuya went with the kids to Timezone and we ended our day at Starbucks.

I'm glad that the kids had fun. I know these things may be costly but the kids will surely carry the happy memories that will mold their values. Plus remember, every moment together counts. So, let's just continue to enjoy the small things with our families. 😘


Happy New Year, everyone!

How time flies, noh? Cliché as it may sound, ang bilis naman talaga ng panahon. Now we're on another year --- another goals, plans, and the never ending lists.

Anyway, how was your New Year? Or how was your 2016? Well, it was not a full blast for me with unfinished plans and tasks but still, God blessed me and my family with so much which I am very thankful for. Meg went back to ballet (yes even though she's at her awkward stage right now) and plans to continue with it. I lost a lot of weight (teehee) but still not within my goal so I still need to push myself with lots of exercise and a disciplined diet (naks!) I also went crazy over preparing Meg's baon at school so if you want to check it out, please visit my IG account --- @eneri0411

School has been crazy for both Meg and I so adjusting to it tested my stress level also. I am just so lucky that she is focused on her studies and gives her best in everything. It gives me the chills sometimes that I am looking at her and seeing she's now grown-up. She is turning 10 this month!

Anyhow, let us claim that 2017 will be a huge year for all of us. Here's hoping to more exercise, travels, learnings, adventure, experiences, and blog posts. Cheers, guys! 

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